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Jalace Sexy Petite With a Full Round Ass

jalace sexy ass

Sometimes the most amazing asses are because it’s almost like the ass ended up on the wrong girl. I found sexy petite girl Jalace over at Mike’s Apartment, looking to rent a place for a weekend stay and the price is making a naughty video for the site. Well, she’s okay with that, cause she loves to fuck. Jalace is really petite with a cute face, tiny tits, and she’s sort of short and little too – except her ass. Oh my, what a nice butt! You can see her hips flare out and this girl has a sweet full sexy ass, the sort of thing you just want to hit doggy style of an hour just to watch her butt move around on your cock. She’s super hot, a true ass lovers fantasy girl, that is for sure. Best of all, this girl loves to get fucked in the ass too, so that butt isn’t just for looking at, it’s for plowing and enjoying too! Now that’s hot!

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Liza Del Sierra Sexy Ass In Lingerie

Now this is a look I can really handle. I found sexy Liza Del Sierra visiting Mike’s Apartment, which is a “pay the rent on your back” sort of a reality site. Liza has got a very sexy look, and I have to say that this fishnet body stocking thing does wonders for her. I mean, check out that ass, I love how it pokes out of the back and really shows her cheeks nicely. She has a really nice ass too, full and round and almost a little chubby looking, and that is all good when it comes to making a great ass. Plus the action here is hardcore as it comes, and that stocking never comes off, so there are plenty of great shots of her sexy ass. A winner for sure!

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Honey Damon Has a Sweet, Sweet Ass

Quite simply, Honey Damon has got a sweet ass. Full, ripe, solid, and round, her ass is the sort of thing that almost every normal man turns around to check out a second time. Her ass is one of those things that borders on almost too much ass, but still within the limits of good taste. I found her over at Mike’s Apartment, and she is pretty much trading her ass for free rent for a few days. Talk about a good trade, especially for us because we get to enjoy this hotty’s exceptional ass in great nude pics, plus in some incredible hardcore action. The best part is the rest of Honey Damon is pretty much as hot as her ass, she is a stone cold fox that could stop traffic coming or going.

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Debbie has a Sexy Ass

Debbie White is the type of girl I can go on a long time about, because she has got an absolutely sexy ass. Not just that, but she teams it up with an amazing body and some truly wonderful long legs and a hot sexy attitude, and she pretty much leaves me wanting more! I found her over at Mike’s Apartment, which is a great site for lovers of hot asses. Oh yeah, did I mention that not only does Debbie have a truly sexy ass, not only does she love to get naked and fuck, but Debbie also loves anal sex. Can you imagine the joy of getting to slide your cock between these exceptional cheeks and fuck her tight little pooper? Holy fuck, this girl is a walking wet dream!

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Sexy Lory has a Really Nice Ass

Lory is a sexy Hungarian hotty with a nice full ass, not a real bubble butt, but more of that lovely 20 something sweet cheeks that you would love to grab and squeeze, and maybe spank.

Can you imaging those cheeks right in front of your? Anyway, she showed up at Mike’s Apartment, so you know these cheeks aren’t just going to get looked at, you get to enjoy them full nude and her getting fucked hard, and damn, this girl looks so good in cowgirl with her nice big full ass cheeks right there, I would have a hard time not spanking her while I fucked her… what about you?

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Bikini Model Jasmin has a Nice Ass

Jasmin is the type of girl that proves a nice ass really is more than just sweet cheeks, it’s also having really nice thighs too. What a fucking hotty, this tall, leggy blonde is actually a real bikini model / fitness model in Europe, and she was in AMsterdam for a few days for a show. She needed somewhere to stay cheap, so she ended up at Mike’s Apartment, where they trade sexy favors for free rent. Well, she isn’t shy to change into her bikini to give them a show and show off her sexy ass, what a fucking sweet pair of cheeks and excellent thighs, a perfect pairing. By the time the show is over, the guys are so turned on that one of them just has to fuck her, doggy style, naturally, and he dumps his load all over her ass. Heck,I would do the same, wouldn’t you?

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