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Liza Del Sierra Incredibly Hot Ass Babe

This may be a record for this blog, as this is the third time I have featured Liza Del Sierra and her absolutely off the hook butt. This girl has a great ass, plain and simple, and she always brings her sexy A game to the deal. This set from Puba has her stripping out of a tiny bra and panty set, her big pornstar boobs and her sexy ass competing to see which one can burst out first. She treats us to some truly enjoyable views of her sweet ass cheeks in and out of those g-string panties, it’s boner inducing views like this that make my day way more enjoyable!

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Liza Del Sierra Incredible Sexy Ass Babe

I just can’t get enough of this girl’s sexy ass! Liza Del Sierra has got PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) syndrome, that is for sure, one absolutely amazing piece of ass, no matter what she is wearing, and this assless body stocking is just more than she needs to get that ass over, but I love it. I mean, talk about ass! This girl isn’t just for show either, she loves to fuck, and she really gets into it! Oh yeah, she loves getting her sexy ass fucked too, which is even better!

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Liza Del Sierra Sexy Ass In Lingerie

Now this is a look I can really handle. I found sexy Liza Del Sierra visiting Mike’s Apartment, which is a “pay the rent on your back” sort of a reality site. Liza has got a very sexy look, and I have to say that this fishnet body stocking thing does wonders for her. I mean, check out that ass, I love how it pokes out of the back and really shows her cheeks nicely. She has a really nice ass too, full and round and almost a little chubby looking, and that is all good when it comes to making a great ass. Plus the action here is hardcore as it comes, and that stocking never comes off, so there are plenty of great shots of her sexy ass. A winner for sure!

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