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When it comes to major pieces of tail, Extreme Asses has got them! Satin is one stunning ebony hotty, a really cute girl with just a ton of firm, spankable ass. She isn’t shy to back that thing up, either!

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Adrianna Easter Bunny Ass

Easter wouldn’t be easter without a bunny, and what better bunny than one with a nice tail, right? Adrianna certainly has a nice ass, and this naughty little bunny isn’t shy to give us plenty of great angles as she strips off her furry little tail so we can enjoy her sexy little tail! Send bends and flexes and loses those panties too, fingering her pussy as we get to enjoy an amazing view from the rear. Fuck candy, I want more ass!

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Brianna Gets Her Round Ass Fucked

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Holy crap, what an ass on this girl, Brianna has an ass so round and so huge, it has it’s own zip code. I found this hotty over at Extreme Asses, and talk about sweet cheeks! If you are into girls with a little extra in the back then you will be a whole bunch into Brianna! Smooth, sexy, and just fucking well rounded, Brianna isn’t shy with her big butt either, she knows you are loving it! Enter the stunt dick, and this guy has the plan. It isn’t long before he has his fat cock right up her ass giving her the anal reaming she so wanted. You know he is going to dump his load all over her sweet cheeks too!

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BBQ That Ass

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You know what’s cooking at this Extreme Asses BBQ, Diamond’s amazing ass. This ebony hotty has got a perfect round ass that is just begging for some attention, and this guy is giving her all the attention she can handle. That ass isn’t just for show either, Diamond gets all lubed up with oil and takes that huge cock deep in her ass, cumming over and over as he pounds her pooper into submission. Nice anal creampie too!

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Ayana @ Extreme Asses

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This is for all the lovers of the big round cheeks out there. Ayana is one babe that got back and back some more! Talk about round and meaty, this girl has got enough ass for two, but she ain’t sharing it with any other girl, that ass is hers and she is proud! Nice shots of this ebony hotty getting her round ass rubbed and grabbed, then she gets fucked hard including a nice banging from behind and a full cumshot all over those amazing cheeks! Download the movie here!

Giselle Awesome Ass

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this guys is doing exactly what I would do if I ran into Giselle and could get her talking: He’s taking her sexy ass home to fuck the stuffing out of her. Talk about a fucking nice ass, this upskirt shot is just a bone stiffening piece of heaven. I would have enjoyed just being there to see her walk that ass by… getting to see her fuck it a total bonus!

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