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Bikini Model Jasmin has a Nice Ass

Jasmin is the type of girl that proves a nice ass really is more than just sweet cheeks, it’s also having really nice thighs too. What a fucking hotty, this tall, leggy blonde is actually a real bikini model / fitness model in Europe, and she was in AMsterdam for a few days for a show. She needed somewhere to stay cheap, so she ended up at Mike’s Apartment, where they trade sexy favors for free rent. Well, she isn’t shy to change into her bikini to give them a show and show off her sexy ass, what a fucking sweet pair of cheeks and excellent thighs, a perfect pairing. By the time the show is over, the guys are so turned on that one of them just has to fuck her, doggy style, naturally, and he dumps his load all over her ass. Heck,I would do the same, wouldn’t you?

Get more of Jasmin’s sweet cheeks at Mikes Apartment here!