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Sexy Sophia has a Lush Ass

FTV girls is a great site for finding first timers, girls breaking out from maybe sexy modeling, or girls who are just willing to try something new. Check out the story of sexy Sophia:

Commonly known in the UK as a ‘page 3 girl’, we’re lucky to see Sophia come visit us for a 4 day FTV adventure! She’s a gorgeous blonde girl with a Scottish accent, who has done soft nudes for Playboy but will go all out for FTV. We see her in her casual wear, flashing her breasts and giving us upskirt views, all while at a busy park area where they are setting up for a concert! Shy at first, she gets really into it by the end, flashing whenever she can!

With an ass like this, you have to admit you would love to run across her in a park getting naked or giving you a massive upskirt from behind. Her butt is amazing, with nice wide hip bones that means a nice spread of her pussy too, wide and enjoyable. Nice long legs too, which combined to make this girl one hotty, no matter where you are looking at her from!

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