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Kristina Rose Has a Sexy Round Ass

Now this is an exceptional piece of tail. Usually girls who get this much sexy round ass also get crappy legs or aren’t so hot, but damn, Kristina Rose has got it all going on. She’s a hotty up front, a good looking girl that would turn heads anywhere. She has nice perky small tits, with nipples that poke up and say HI! But best of all is that ass, oh my god, a work of art. Her ass cheeks are full and round, not a blemish anywhere, and they lead down to nice think, solid thighs that are really just a tasty continuation of her succulent ass cheeks. It’s like her ass starts at her knees! Yowsa! The best part is this girl ain’t just for show, Hustler has a nice hardcore set with her that let’s us enjoy her every charm not just being sexy, but being sexed too!

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